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We’re Tired

Globally, our black skin speaks before our words do. We aren’t granted the same kind of innocence.

Beyond the Return- A Poetry Visual

Quick Note: Currently at home catching up on some Ghana content I've been slow to post about! When I was in Ghana, I met the lovely...

I Tried (and Failed) to Make Jollof Rice

Well, as you know, we’re kind of in the middle of a pandemic. COVID-19 has definitely jumbled my life around and stopped the one thing I...

7 foods you MUST try in Ghana

There are three traits I inherited from my father- my dancing skills, my insane ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime, and my utter...

Happy New Year!

Just popping in to say happy new year! 2019 was a year of tremendous growth for me. I’m excited to announce that I’m starting the 2020...

DC Date Ideas

I'm a hopeless romantic who loves all things cute so here's my guide on cute dates around the DC area. Not only am I going to break these...

Barcelona: What to Do and What to See

I’m currently touring around Spain and spent a couple days in wonderful Barcelona. Disclaimer: I’m currently traveling with my Norwegian...

Your Go-to List for DC Brunch

I was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, 5 minutes from DC. Brunch is me and I am brunch. My earliest brunch memory was at 5. I...

African Children are not Photo Props

Before I launched Lil Ms. Awkward, I wrote anecdotes on my experience abroad. This is a post I wrote in 2017 while interning in Windhoek,...

I Hiked the Himalayas and I Failed.

I’ve never been a hiker yet here I am; me, my failing hopes, and my inconvenient forty-pound backpack. We are all working in tandem, each...


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