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#AskAlexa Travel Questions: November 2019

Every month, I ask my Instagram followers what kind of content they want to see on my blog. And as loyal and dedicated followers of this here page, I know you all know that sometimes I do not post as regularly as I'd like to.

I blame life.

I think a quick fix is to answer some questions on a monthly basis! Since I can't get around to writing full posts- why not address some of these questions more frequently. So here we are, some questions I was asked and my lovely answers.


Question #1: How do you balance work life/social life/dating life with traveling?

Balancing all of these aspects comes down to time management and putting what's important first. Most of my friends, and people I date, understand from the get go that traveling is something incredibly important to me. When I'm home, I make sure to utilize my time to grow my relationships with my home friends or love interests. I use my weekdays after work to go to happy hour with coworkers and dinners with friends. I usually reserve my weekends home to spend with family and friends.

In terms of dating, I haven't been seriously dating someone enough for my traveling to really be an issue. Hopefully that will change real soon! The eventual goal is to find someone I can just travel the world with. You can definitely maintain relationships, while being an avid traveler.


Question #2: When you first starting to date someone how to know when to start traveling with them?

I'd say this really is up to you and that person. If you're both travelers, it might be a bit sooner. Most of my friends started traveling with their significant others after 8-12 months of dating.

I would start dating someone when I trust them enough to not murder me abroad. So whenever that feels right haha. But if you all like each other, trust each other and plan well together, I think a relationship trip can come as soon or as late as you all want.


Question #3: Tips on how to meet people/make friends traveling overseas

Hostels! Point blank period!

Hostels seem like a weird concept. Essentially, they are shared rooms where you reserve a bed BUT there the best way to meet and connect with other solo travelers. If you stay in a more sociable hostel- you’ll find making friends and travel partners becomes really easy. I was in Valencia at my hostel for just a night and made some of the coolest friends. Hostels also offer things like free walking tours, bar crawls and sometimes even communal dinners or breakfasts.

If you’re not comfortable with hostels- group tours are also a great way to see a country and make friends. This is definitely the more expensive option. Some tours companies like G adventures and Contiki do tours for young people 35 and under and they plan transportation, excursions and some meals. 


Question #4: What are some tourist traps to avoid from your experiences?

So this is a tricky question. Short answer is all of them haha. I try my best to ask locals or an Airbnb host which sites are worth the money, and which really just aren’t. In my opinion, avoid large tour groups and things that just cost way too much. Doing a lot of research and being in the know will help your to avoid tourist traps!


Question #5; Instagram Worthy places around DC/Nova?

I feel like this question could be an entire blog post. Three of my favorite Instagram spots in DC are the Chinatown bridge, Jefferson Memorial, and any street in Georgetown.


Question #6: Weekend continental US trips you "stan" catered to the current season?

My top choice for a weekend trip right now would be New York City. It is only a 4.5 hour bus ride away from DC, and there is literally so much to do there! New York gets beautiful during Christmas time. There’s a ton of cool outdoor markers and events and I mean there’s a giant Christmas tree at Rockefellar Center. Its the perfect winter wonderland! My current goal is to have so man take me ice skating in Manhattan so if you’re interested shoot me an email.


Okay guys, hope you enjoyed these answers! I hope to do these every couple of months (Don’t hold me to that though, because homegirl gets busy.)

Much love,


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