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Uber works excellently, especially in Antigua and Guatemala City. You can use it to travel between the two cities as well as to the airport. At the lake, your main form of transportation will be Tuktuk and rides should cost $4-6 dollars depending on where you're going. Have your hotel or Airbnb host arrange them for you.

To get to and from lake atitlan, I recommend doing a shared shuttle service. It's probably the most cost efficient. The ride is long so you'll definitely want something air conditioned. And if you have motion sickness, BRING DRAMAMINE. You have been warned.

I found the boats on lake Atitlan a little tricky. I accidentally hired a private boat rather than a shared one, which cost me a bit... But, as I always say, when in doubt ASK. Even if you have to use google translate. Boat rides should not be very pricey and range from $2-16 dollars.

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